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In an indifferent universe there is a possibility that a species will evolve through a series of random occurrences and unexpected events over a vast period of time until that species reaches a level of awareness and intelligence that enables them to recognize the reality they exist in and understand the next step necessary to determine the intellectual and evolutionary path of future generations...This is that time in the history of human existence...

The most comprehensive summary of human reality and the conditions of human existence published, a book that challenges thousands of years of dogma in it's honesty and accuracy revealing stunning ignorance, primitive greed and unimaginable violence that permeates all segments of life on this planet...Superstitions thousands of years old still determine the existence of over 6.5 billion humans without reality intelligence or an intuitive understanding of empathy, morality and reality as a growing separation of classes, races and ethnicities are creating a sharply divided polarized global civilization that will collapse to become a planet of mass extinction, chaos, hunger, death, unending war and pollution without restraint...Nuclear explosion (by 2033)...Famine on a global scale (by 2040)...Extinction of large species (by 2066)...

Human Existence in the 21st Century: Reality, Greed, Religion and War at the End of Civilization

An uncensored intellectual portrait of human reality in real time with a solution that must happen if the human species is to survive this adolescent transition that threatens to destroy a world...

   A Paradox of Possibilities


World Population

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